Learn about alpacas from the Alpaca Owners Association

Alpaca ownership is easy and fun. Alpacas eat grass hay with occasional supplements. They are easy to care for, and require shearing once per year. The raw fiber can be used for a variety of products, including insulation, and felting, while sending the fiber to a mill for further processing can yield yarn, roving, batting, and clothing and rugs. 

Alpacas are easy going animals. They do spit, like llamas, although they tend to spit more at each other than randomly at humans. You might get caught in the crossfire! 

They are simple to care for as well - they poop in one spot, making cleanup a breeze. The alpaca manure is very good for composting, and is not "hot" so can be used immediately in your garden for flowers and vegetable growth. 
They can be handled for routine tasks such as nail trimming and shearing.

We have had 7 baby alpacas (crias) born at our home. Every birth was successful. We did have to assist one alpaca in her first birth. We have also had to help feed a newborn for a day or so, until its sucking ability perfects.

Alpaca Ownership